Silja BIR – hvalp og Tea 2.vinder i mellemklassen


DRK-udstilling i Middelfart – Dommer for Silja: Beate Ting (Tyskland) for Tea: Boogaert-Kwint, T.V.A (Holland)

Silja – Melicmark Everything Glows: BIR hvalp og BIS 3 hvalp

Kritik: “7 months old correctly build yellow, with a femine head, excellent neck, excellent topline, moves very well, excellent coat, well presentended”

Jamen altså – en super kritik, som min lille gule krudtugle får – dejligtSmile.

Tea – SEVCH 1.VSU09 Mallaig Allspiced Blackberry Tea: VG og 2. vinder i mellemklassen.

Kritik:“Very feminin, sweet head and expression, good ears, good neck and forechest, good ribs, needs time to drop in loins, tailset a little low, would like slightly more substans inthigh and second thigh, but well angulatet, movement ok, lovely temperament”

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